Listed below are various properties and their current status.  


If you are interested in purchasing a vacant lot you need to contact the owner directly.  Owner's are listed on the Franklin County Auditor's Website.



Under Search enter the address of the property... keep it simple do not use Drive, Street, etc.'


Also watch the Auditor's Website for Forfeited Property Sales.  

If the Township acquires properties through a "no sale" process we will update our information. 



If you have concerns about a property in poor condition or with property maintenance issues, including high grass or trash, please contact the Administration office at 614-836-5308



The following properties have been condemned by the Fire Marshal and declared a nuisance by the Board of Trustees and have been accepted by MORPC or the Franklin County Land Bank and have been torn down.


Madison Township has been extremely fortunate to have the following properties torn down through the two programs:


       3232 Noe Bixby                                        3317 Latonia Co

            5447 Sedalia Drive                                  3519 Wyncote Road  

3555 Clearwater                                      3299 Fontaine 

                 5241 Fullerton                                          3477 Rohr Road          

      3796 Shoreline Drive                                8197 Oregon Road,


Demolition of both properties have been completed as of October 11th, 2013. 



                                                            3477 Rohr Road Groveport 43125                                                                                                                                                 


                                                          5241 Fullerton Drive Columbus 43232




The following properties were condemned and deemed a nuisance by the Board of Trustees and demolished through the Franklin County Economic Development Nuisance Program in 2012, in cooperaton with MORPC.



 3317 Latonia Court Columbus 43232


   5447 Sedalia Drive Columbus 43232







3232 Noe Bixby Road

Thanks to the COCIC Land Bank of Franklin County the Walnut Knolls apartments were demolished in July, 2013. The property will be maintained by the Township until a decision is made by the Board for future plans.


The properties below have been condemned by the Fire Marshal and declared a nuisance by the Board of Trustees.  These properties have been demolished by the owner or mortgage company. 


3773 Beechton Rd, Columbus  43232

3245 Burdett Court, Columbus 43232

5544 Saltzgaber, Groveport  43125  

5610 Groveport Road, Groveport  43125

5410 Swisher Road, Groveport  43125

 3740 Atkinson Road, Columbus 43232

5440 Swisher Road, Groveport 43125

5590 Newport, Columbus 43232